DVLA Categorises Driving Licences in UK

The Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is the topmost organization that plans and implements road transport rules and regulations in the U.K. Aiming to make life better for the citizens, the DVLA has categorized driving licences in the UK and has declared various entitlements to drive a particular vehicle in different parts of the country. For someone who would be interested to know the complete details of the same, he/she may feel free to contact DVLA customer care.

To drive a vehicle that falls under a particular category, an individual needs an entitlement on his/her DL for the same. The DVLA customer care representatives can help you understand how to go about this entire entitlement process.


Categorised into three different categories, an individual needs to select a particular category of MOPEDS and then contact the executives at DVLA contact number who can assist him/her in getting the entitlement sanctioned for the same.

Category P: This licence is issued to the owners of two-wheeler vehicle whose engine size is not more than 50CC and the design speed is not over 45km/h.

Category AM: If you are a two and three wheeler vehicle owner that has a maximum design speed of over 25km/hr in the UK, you may contact the DVLA to apply for ‘Category AM’ licence.

Category Q: One can be a ‘Category Q’ licence holder if he/she owns a two-wheeler vehicle with an engine size of not more than 50CC and a maximum design speed of not more than 25km/hr.

Motor Cycle

Divided into three different categories, the DVLA customer care number offers the best assistance to their owners. To get an approval for the following three categories of the motorcycles, one needs to contact the DVLA customer contact number 0870 025 0121 and speak to one of the representatives.

Category A2

One is allowed to drive motorbikes with power output up to 35KW and power to weight ratio of not more than 0.2kw/kg. The individuals with this category of licence can also drive motorbikes with the power output of up to 11kw and the motorbikes that fall under the Category A1. Contact the DVLA customer contact number for complete details.

Category A1

If you are an owner of light motorbikes with engine size up to 125CC and the power to weight ratio not more than 0.1kw/kg, you can apply for ‘Category A1’ driving licence. Dial the DVLA telephone number 0870 025 0121 for complete details.

Category A

An individual is entitled to get this driving licence if the motorbike has a power output of more than 35kw or a power to weight ratio of more than 0.2kw/kg. With ‘Category A’ driving licence, the person can also drive motor tricycles with the power output exceeding 15kw.


One needs to possess any of the following driving licences to be eligible to drive his/her car on the roads of UK.

Category B

Vehicles up to 3,500 KG maximum authorized mass (MAM) and up to 8 passenger seats (with a trailer up to 750kg) can be driven on the U.K. roads only if the person is a ‘Category B’ licence holder.

Category B+E

If you own a vehicle that has MAM of 3,500 kg and a trailer, then you must apply for a ‘Category B+E’ licence issued by the DVLA. Please feel free to contact the DVLA telephone number for more details.

For any queries, one is allowed to call the DVLA customer service executives. The queries can be as varied as the services offered by the DVLA and can include queries related to driving licence categories, driver check service, driving and medical issues, driving licence and applications, filing a complaint, or any other. You may also contact the DVLA to file any sort of complaint.

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