Obtaining the Driving Licence Information from DVLA

Driving licence is an essential document that every individual residing in UK and eligible to drive a vehicle possess. The document gives an individual the right to drive a vehicle in the UK and also works as an identity proof. At times, an individual is in need of information related to his or her driving licence urgently but the same is not handy. With DVLA, it’s simpler now.

One can view or share his/her driving licence information as per his/her requirement and convenience. This is not all! DVLA also allows a person to check his/her relative’s or friend’s driving licence information only if he/she has the mandatory details and the permission to view the same.

  • Checking one’s own driving licence information

The DVLA allows one to view and share the details of his/her driving licence as per his/her requirement and convenience. Contact DVLA customer care number for details. On visiting www.viewdrivingrecord.service.gov.uk/driving-record/licence-number, an individual is allowed to do the following:

a)      View his/her driving record.

b)      Check any penalty points or disqualifications on the driving licence.

c)      Create a licence ‘check code’ to share the driving record with someone else.

How to use this service?

It is mandatory for an individual to have the following information to avail this service:

  • His/her complete driving licence number. For eg: MORGA7531165M9IJ.
  • His/her national insurance number. For eg: MQQ123456C.
  • The postcode mentioned on his/her driving licence. For eg: EH19GP.

Apart from this, one can also visit https://www.viewdrivingrecord.service.gov.uk/verify/start and apply directly for any information related to driving licence. The personcan also call DVLA customer care number directly at 0870 025 0121 on which the DVLA customer care executives will be happy to assist him/her. One may also contact DVLA customer care by post at DVRE, DVLA, Swansea SA99 1AJ. An individual must ensure that the request form or the letter must mention the person’s full name, complete address and driving licence number.

  • Check someone else’s driving licence information

DVLA facilitates viewing someone else’s driving licence information. This has been done to ensure that nobody’s urgent tasks get delayed due to lack of any information related to the driving licence. One can visit https://www.viewdrivingrecord.service.gov.uk/driving-recod/valida and enjoy the following features:

  • View someone else’s driving licence information.
  • View the penalty points or disqualifications on their driving licence.

How to use this service?

If the person has the mandatory information, DVLA allows him/her to use this service. However, one should make sure that he/she has the required permission from the concerned person as obtaining someone else’s personal information without their permission is a criminal offence.

The essential information that is required to use this service includes:

  • The last 8 characters of their driving licence number.
  • A check code from the driver. Make sure that the code is used within 21 days. Also, remember that one code can be used only once.

Apart from these, you may also call DVLA customer service number at 0870 025 0121 after getting the permission to apply for the information. Sending a duly filled form D888/1 by post at DVRE, DVLA and Swansea SA99 1AJ can also help. One can also send an email to DVLA customer care at drivers_fpe@dvla.gsi.gov.uk for using their fax service.

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