Tips for Storing Your Collector car, Exotic Car or Muscle Car






Tips for Storing Your Collector car, Exotic Car or Muscle Car


Winter is here and if you are planning to store your collector car, exotic car or muscle car, we have a few tips to help you out. It is important to take a few extra precautions to ensure that your car is ready to go when you take it out next season. Following these simple steps will keep it running its best and protect your investment for years to come.


There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before storing your car. The most important of which is how long you are putting it up. If it's just for a few months or over the winter, you'll want to at least go over the basics steps. Any longer, we have some additional steps to take.

First things first, prep and clean your storage area. Make sure you are not going to run into any issues where you need to move your car to get to something important.


Step #1 - Fill your Tank with Fresh Gas & Use a Fuel Stabilizer. Over the years we have learned that gas in your tank breaks down over time, and leaving old gas in your car can lead to plugged fuel filters, and varnished fuel lines, carburetors, injectors. Many people recommend draining the tank before storage, However, draining fuel exposes the bare metal in the tank and fuel system to air and moisture that causes rust and corrosion, and can dry out gaskets and seals leading to leaks when the system is refilled. We believe the best solution is to fill your fuel tank with FRESH fuel, and add a fuel stabilizer. Adding a fuel stabilizer will keep your fuel fresh for up to 12 months. There are many fuel stabilizers on the market, so make sure you read the directions carefully before using.


Step #2 - Change your Engine Oil. It is always a good idea to change your engine oil and filter before storage. Used oil carries away combustion by-products like water or acids, dirt and debris, when stored these items can fall out of the oil and cause sludge. Changing your oil before storing your car will stop sludge from forming, and your car will be ready when you are.


Step #3 - Attach a Battery Trickle or Tender Unit to the Battery. Regardless of how long you store your vehicle, when a battery it is not being used on a regular basis, a battery will gradually lose its charge. Especially on newer cars… We recommend use a Battery Tender, a small "smart" charger — it turns itself on and off as needed so that your battery never overcharges.


Step #4 Clean Your Car Thoroughly. Carefully remove all road grime, grease, tar, stains, and bugs from all painted surfaces, chromed parts, and wheels. Make sure you use good quality cleaners. Dry your Car thoroughly, and apply a polish to all painted and exposed metal surfaces. This will protect your cars finish and prevent color fade caused by UV light if stored where your car gets direct sun light..


Step #5 For best results, store your car inside or use a quality car cover if you need to store it outside. Protect your car from snow, ice, freezing rain, and wild temperature variances. When you can't store your car inside, make sure you get a quality car cover that is a form-fitting, breathable and designed as a long-term cover. The cover will keep dust off of your car and it will also keep the kids from playing on it. The price of a quality car cover is money well spent.

If you are storing your car inside, make sure the cover is designed for indoor storage and that it is made from a breathable material, or ask your auto parts or service store for the proper cover to fit your Car.

Step #6 Store your car in a Low-Traffic Area. Don't store your car in a location where anyone is likely to trip on it, drop a tool on it, or dent it with a car door. Do not allow anyone to start storing things on the car.


Step #7 Tires: Inflate your tires to their proper level. Underinflated tires can cause flat spots in your tires, shortening their usable life. Keep your Tires out of Direct Sunlight. Rubber is sensitive to ultraviolet light, and prolonged exposure to UV light will cause tires to crack and split, and cause premature tire failure. This condition is known as "dry rot". If storing your car for a prolonged time, jack up the car and put it on “jack stands” to take the weight off your tires.


Good luck, hope this helps...

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