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October 28


November 4




Comment Of The Day: One Does Not Simply Edition

Today we saw the most egregious act of a tow truck driver essentially stealing and joy riding in a disabled man’s GT-R. Now it looks like the tow company is going to be on the hook...for some repairs to that Nissan.


College Student Crashes Into Cop Car While Trying To Send Topless Selfie

A 19-year-old Texas A&M student was arrested after rear-ending a stopped police car while trying to take a topless selfie.


EPA Confirms Snow-Conquering All-Wheel-Drive 2017 Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is built on the same heavy bones as its Charger sibling, and has even received all the same engine options. But the Challenger has never felt the sweet, sweet love of powered front wheels, meaning all across the great white north, the big coupe has been relegated to dark lonely garages during winter time. But this stops now.


An Alfa Giulia Wagon Might Be Coming But There’s Also Bad News

If there is anything that could make the face of the Alfa Romeo Giulia even more appealing it would be sticking it on the front of a wagon. But before you get too excited, I’m going to shut down those hopes and dreams real quick: this is for EUROPE only.


Microsoft Will Pay You Not to Use a MacBook

In the lead-up to the holiday season, Microsoft is throwing down the gauntlet. Got an Apple-branded laptop? The tech giant will give you up to $650 to part ways with it, just as long as you spend that cash on a shiny new Surface Pro 4 or a Surface Book.



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The Best of Car Crash Compilation - All NEW 2015!

Started by AUTOFESTS in General. Last reply by Ethan Dec 26, 2015. 1 Reply

It is time again to review how not to be a dumb ass behind the wheel!…Continue

Car Museums You Can Visit on Google Maps

Started by AUTOFESTS in Classic Cars Feb 27, 2015. 0 Replies

This is very cool, did you know that you can take virtual tours of some of the world’s most amazing car museums from the comfort of your own home. There are a number of car museums that you can…Continue

The Best of Car Crash Compilation - All NEW 2014!

Started by Ethan in General. Last reply by Jim Feb 8, 2015. 3 Replies

Check this video out... I hate to see these car crashes, but I just can't stop watching!…Continue

Equus Bass 770 New American Muscle

Started by Jimmy Pitta in Classic Cars. Last reply by Scott Summerson Feb 8, 2014. 1 Reply

 Okay, so what do you think? The Equus Bass 770 was unveiled at this year’s Detroit auto show.…Continue



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